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Three Types Of Organic Fertilizers

There are three types of organic fertilizers —mineral based, plant based, and animal based.

Earthworms Are A Welcomed Invertebrate

Organic Gardner’s must learn the difference between a destructive pest and a natural helper. So here is an organic gardening tip to help you grow your organic garden. You probably became familiar with these soft, slimy, invertebrates at an early age. Earthworms are hermaphrodites, meaning they exhibit both male and female characteristics. They are major decomposers of dead and decomposing organic matter. They derive their nutrition from  Read More

UntitledOrganic Pest Control – Identifying, Removing, and Preventing Slugs

Slugs are probably the most irritating pests invading your garden. The holes created by slugs are irregular with smooth edges. They may also chew fruit and healthy plant bark. When it comes to slugs organic pest control is easy. They’re somewhat big, so they really could just be caught by hand and disposed of. You could simply  Read More

13 Reasons Why You Should Add Decomposing Organic Matter To the Soil

After much study I have found that adding decomposing organic matter to the soil is crucial if you want to have a flourishing organic garden. The addition of decomposing organic matter offers your organic garden many benefits including: Read More

Three Reasons to Plant Texas Native Plants
  1. Texas Native Plants can flourish in the Texas climate and soil.
  2. Texas Native Plants conserve water.
  3. Texas Native Plants require very little maintenance and pampering.

Resources for finding Native Texas Plants

Native Plant Society of Texas Native Plants Database

Native Plants of Texas Search Engine